True Story – Chapter Eleven

Rayne was getting ready for her first tour.

As she packed her suitcase and wrapped her favorite orange scarf around her neck, she thought back to the story her adopted parents had told her about how they met.

She thought about her father, and how he could have been the mythical man and her mother looking through that battered screen door waiting for him to arrive.

She thought about the stained glass in the church where she was born, and the little bird that she had saved and let fly away to find its own mother.

She was moving on to another life and hoped that this one would be filled with the love that her mother was never able to give her.

With forgiveness in her heart, she smiled, picked up her suitcase, and walked out the front door, as the rain started to fall.


Happy For You – Chapter Ten

Rayne was angry that her father never wanted her.

She searched the orphanage for clues about him.

When she finally found him, he was married and had new children and a different life.

There was no room for Rayne.

She felt abandoned and stormed out of his life forever.




Love Me Again – Chapter Nine

After meeting with the nuns from the orphanage, Rayne now understood where she came from.

The nuns told her about the night a beautiful young woman burst through the door pregnant, wet from the rain, and very ill,

who eventually died after giving birth to a little girl who sang.

Rayne knew deep in her heart that she was the little girl that was born that rainy night.

They told her how her mother ran away from a loveless marriage in an attempt to give her daughter a better life.




You Say I Love A Rainy Day – Chapter Eight

As she walked closer to the church, memories flooded her mind.

Memories of another time when she was just a little girl.

She asked herself: “Why would I remember this place? I have never been to this city before.”

She looked to the sky and even the clouds looked familiar.

She walked up the stony stairs and looked into the stained glass windows to a familiar sight.

The colors through the glass made her feel like singing. She didn’t know why but soon she would find out.





Long Pauses – Chapter Seven

Just a little peace and quiet was all she was looking for.

She hoped to get a break soon from her grueling schedule.

Performances, interviews, recording sessions, it was all about the music.

Rayne was taking the world by storm with her incredible voice.

She loved performing but was growing tired of the endless travelling and work.

She wanted to get away from it all and go back to her quiet life.

There were endless streams of paparazzi taking her picture day and night and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape it.

Her life had changed forever but inside she still felt like that tiny baby bird with a broken wing.

My Roar- Chapter Six

She made everyone around her feel with her voice.

They told her that she was special but she never understood what that meant. All she did was sing.

Her unique style and her voice brought out emotions in everyone who heard her.

So when the local talent competition came to town, her friends forced her to get up and sing.

She was so nervous. Her heart was beating in her chest and her breathing quickened.

But when she got on the stage, something special happened. He eyes dilated and her heart rate slowed down.

She took a deep breath and belted out a song that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

It did not take long before the song went viral and it wasn’t long after that, that she was on the road to fame.

Rayne found her roar!

Mythical Man- Chapter Five

Rayne never knew her real mother who died right after her birth.

Pasha was a beautiful woman who had dreams of being a dancer in the national ballet.

She collected pictures of celebrities, hoping to one day live that life.

She would look out the screen door of her house dreaming of things that would never be.

Her mythical man that would take her away from this dreary life never arrived.

When Pasha found out she was pregnant, everything changed. Her baby would never suffer the way she did.

She would make sure of that.


Baby Bird- Chapter Four

Rayne loved to play outside.  She loved the feel of the sun on her face, to run through puddles after a storm.  She was connected to nature.  It made her want to sing.

She was only 5 years old when she found that tiny bird.  She brought it inside and put it in a small box to heal.

Rayne loved her parents, but she always knew there was something more.  She never knew about the adoption.

Nor did she remember the church, the ladies in waiting or the stained glass, only that she had a broken wing just like that tiny little bird.

Stained Glass- Chapter Three

The orphanage was full of children but this baby was special.

The name Rayne seemed to fit her.

Not just because of the circumstances, which brought her there, but because of her beautiful voice.

The ladies in waiting fed her and played with her more than the other children.

She always seemed to have a song to sing.

The colors as the sun would shine through the stained glass, would bring it out.

The soft cooing sounds that came from her were like angels crying in the wind.



She Sings- Chapter Two

The baby was tiny. She only weighed 4 ounces at birth. When her mother came into the church pregnant and dripping from the pounding rain, everyone stared. Why had they stared? Had they never seen a pregnant woman before? Her mother clutched the back of the pew as another labor pain hit and she couldn’t help but scream.

She had never felt such an agonizing stabbing feeling. The ladies in waiting looked over her as she writhed and twisted, trying to make the pain subside. Then she fainted.

When she awoke, she was cradling her tiny baby in her arms. The baby cried, little cries that sounded like music. She would never know that her baby would one day enrapture a generation.

They called her Rayne because of the violent rain that fell that night. The rain that felt like it would never end.

Tiny little Rayne was scooped up and taken to the nursery. Her mother could hear her singing cries as they whisked her baby away.

Rayne would never know the woman who gave birth to her that night, nor the man who helped to create her in a desperate attempt at a marriage.